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Etch-it Party Cups - Party Like a Rock Star!  

by Jason Salzenstein, Style & Travel Editor, edgeBOSTON June 28th 2005

Without a doubt, one of the best inventions of the last 20 years. Screw computers and cell phones, Etch-it Party Cups are the bomb! We’ve all seen the little wine glass trinkets that are supposed to help you remember which glass is yours, but really, who can remember if they had a pink Shitzu or a purple poodle? After a few glasses, please! And wine glass ’winkies’ don’t help with mixed drinks. Plus, they’re so boring!

Etch-it Party Cups puts the fun back into drinking. These 16-oz. cups feature a handy ‘blackboard’ sticker on the side. Simply peal the label off and use your fingernail or a coin to ‘sketch’ your name (or anything you want!) on your glass. Next time you set it down, you won’t have to worry about remembering if it was Fifi or Fido you were hosting… Pack of 40 for $10.

Available at Plum Party! www.plumparty.com is like having your own personal party planner. It’s Toys R Us for adults- they have everything you need to organize, plan and pull off a fabulous party with enough kitsch to be fun, but enough class to impress.


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