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Super Bowl Party with Etch-it Cups
CBS NEW YORK Glam Up Your Super Bowl Party with Etch-it!

"There are some easy and affordable ways to glam up your Super Bowl party. If you are using disposable cups, elevate them with “etch-it” personalized drink tags."


Etch-it Cups Crowned: "The #1 Why Didn't I Think of That,
Big Idea Product in the History of The Big Idea Show!"

"The Big Idea" is your roadmap to the American Dream. Each weeknight, Donny Deutsch, the maverick CEO who built a multi-billion dollar advertising and media business introduces you to the men and women who have made it with their Big Idea.

See - CNBC’s Donny Deutsch One on One Interview with Michael Marrin
The Inventor of the Original Etch-it Cup & Founder of Etch-it Inc.

See - CNBC’s Will It Play In Peoria? 93% Say YES
"Etch-it Cups Receive the Highest Score of Any Product Ever Featured on the Show".

Baltimore Sun
"Cool Finds"

June 10, 2007

Is that my cup or yours? We’ve all uttered these words at some time at a cookout after setting our cup down only to forget which one is ours. No problem. Thanks to Etch-it cups, you can now etch your name right on the cup’s “name tag” by using your fingernail (www.etch-it.com).

ABC NEWS - Good Morning America

"Making Tailgating Elegant and Easy"

September 1, 2006

Once again etch-it cups are chosen as a hot new product. This time
ABC's  Good Morning America Show had Nancy Soriano, (editor in chief of Country Living Magazine) on as a guest , The segment featured Etch-it Cups as one of the hot new gadgets to have while tail gateing.

“I Want That”

July 26, 2006

Never lose track of your cup at a big party again! Etch-it Cups allow you to scratch and style your name on a cup so you save it throughout the night. Be sure to tune in to HGTV’s “I Want That”.

Episode HIWT-405

July 26, 2006 8:30 PM ET/PT
July 27, 2006 12:30 AM ET/PT
July 28, 2006 11:30 PM ET/PT

July 29, 2006 3:30 AM ET/PT
July 30, 2006 2:00 PM ET/PT

Seattle Times
"Things we dig"

July 22, 2006

Etch-it Cups... A must-have for your next party. Simply remove the protective cover on each Etch-it Cup, etch your name or a design with your fingernail and say goodbye to mixing up those mixed drinks. They come in two colors: red and frost.

"Disposable Dinner Party"

June 29, 2006

The "Today" show's Natalie Morales talks with Elizabeth Mayhew about throwing a pretty party with less clean-up.

Orange County Register
“Etch-it cups stack up”

by Jan Norman
June 18, 2006

Years of perseverance get Aliso Viejo entrepreneur's product in grocery stores around the nation.

Fox 5 News

“Fathers Day Weekend”
by Cynthia Newdel
June 15, 2006

Video Coming Soon!

CNet News
“Keep tabs on that roving party cup”

by Nicole Girard
June 6, 2006

Your phone rings and you set your cup down. When you go to retrieve it, you discover that your perfectly blended vanilla vodka and soda has disappeared into an endless sea of plastic-cup clones. What do you do?

Daily Gadget
“Ever Been at Party & Lost Your Drink??”

June 6, 2006

Well, this has happened to me often enough that I think that the idea of the Etch-it Party Cup is a pretty neat one!

ABC TV - Business Week Weekend Edition
“Hot Products For Your BBQ”
May 28, 2006

Video Coming Soon!

Business Week Magazine
“Etch A Scotch”

by Larry Armstrong
May 26, 2006

Everyday with Rachael Ray

by Rachael Ray
April-May 2006

Rach and Jeff Daniels used these ingenious Etch-it plastic cups!

Everything Rachael Ray
“Memorial Day Menu Was A Success!”

by Madeline Miller
May 30, 2006

I am now inspired to throw a Memorial Day BBQ every year. Oh, and the Etch-it Cups were a big hit!

Everything Rachael Ray
“Every Day Faves”

by Madeline Miller
May 11, 2006

Rachael Ray & Film Star Jeff Daniels keep track of their drinks with Etch-it Cups.

Daily Crush
"That's my soda! No, it's mine! All mine!"

June 13, 2005

Now I have a good excuse to have people over for a yummy barbeque, hopefully soon! :)

"Party Like a Rock Star!"

by Jason Salzenstein

Without a doubt, one of the best inventions of the last 20 years. Screw computers and cell phones, Etch-it Party Cups are the bomb!

Good Morning America's
"Hot Products for the Summer!"

ABC's Good Morning America took a look at this summer's hottest products. Here's what they say are the "must haves" this summer.

Daily Candy!
"Dude, Where's My Cup?

Etch-it Party Cups makes the Daily Candy! the ultimate insider's guide to what's hot, new, and undiscovered.

NY 1 News
"Summer Entertaining Tips from Food & Wine Magazine"

Click link above, then on the Real Video links to view the news clip which includes Etch-it Party Cups.

QSR & the Food Service Packaging Institute
Etch-it Party Cups Wins Award!

QSR and the Food Service Packaging Institute honor Etch-it Party Cups as the second place runner up for their advancement in food safety.

PR Web
"Why Didn’t I Think of That?"

September 2, 2004

Now partygoers don’t have to worry about misplacing their cup and spreading germs— all they have to do is use Etch-it Party Cups!

Etch-it Art Contest
"Mr. Upardi's Gallery of Fine Etch"

Redlands East Valley High School Students show their talents.

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Over the last 10 years Michael Marrin, a California entrepreneur has now built Etch-it into a nationally recognized brand.
The Orange County Register
"Etch-it cups stack up"

by Jan Norman
June 18, 2006


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