About Us

Etch-it Inc. manufactures, markets & develops products under the brands of Etch-it, Etch-it Cups and Etch-it Tags. The Company's primary product is the innovative Etch-It Cup, which features a label that allows the user to instantly scratch their name, identifying mark or other cool designs using their fingernail key or coin. There's no pen needed.

The Company also produces custom branded promotional products and is currently researching the introduction of it's etch-able technology in other lucrative markets. Promising products include Etch-It Equipped Beverage ID Stickers ("Etch-it Spots"), Etch-It Equipped beer bottles, water bottles and Etch-It Equipped Sports Drinks. Etch-it Incorporated products and proprietary manufacturing techniques are protected and the Company's brand names and product names have been trademarked with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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